WYP Protocol: Coronavirus

We at Wilderness Youth Project are thankful for all the good people pulling together to protect and support one another. While we are being discouraged from coming together physically, this is absolutely a time to come together as a community and do what we can to support each other in alternative meaningful ways. Following the […]

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Wilderness Youth Project Announces Addition of Trustee’s Lena Moran and Graciela Cabello

Wilderness Youth Project, the leading nature connection organization in Santa Barbara County, is proud to announce the addition of Lena Moran and Graciela Cabello to the Board of Trustees. With the addition of these two respected leaders, WYP continues its investment in bringing nature connection opportunities to all communities in Santa Barbara County. Operating in regional

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Wilderness Youth Project Crece

Fundación sin ánimo de lucro de Santa Bárbara ahora ofreciendo Educación al Aire Libre en las Escuelas Públicas por Matt Kettmann | Publicado el 3 de octubre de 2019 Fotografía: Cortesía Estudiantes que abandonan la educación preparatoria encuentran un propósito. Los callados miembros de las pandillas se abren a las multitudes bajo las estrellas. Adolescentes

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The sycamore calendar starts in November,
not with the buds but the building of buds
deep in the sap, with branches …

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Finally, the winter is willing to chill us.
The heavy quilt uncasketed from the cedar chest.

Its weight presses us all night
Like leaves in a summer camp scrapbook.

It is the season …

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The Flow

The Flow

When the water comes, it brings the mountain
and sings the story of the shifting ridge,
summons green to bloom along its edge.
Shapes the hills with patient excavation.

Water comes and carries …

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Old Habits

Old Habits

I needed to renounce familiar things—
I wasn’t going away, I thought, but towards.
Now, pulled out of black waters,
wet towels draped across my back,
my old home will not hold me anymore …

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What if we can’t wake to birdsong and what if

of the weather

we are afraid?

Afraid you will leave me, afraid

I will fail.

Our daughter thinks …

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