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Give the best day ever

Give the best day ever Donate Today We’ve heard that sharing a story is the shortest distance between two people, so we are hoping this story makes you feel close to the work of Wilderness Youth Project. Imagine this You’re sitting in your fourth-grade classroom when your Wilderness Youth Project mentors Mario, Andrew, and Amanda …

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The Sea League

Spotlight: TSL Sea Lion Camp 2023

Spotlight: The Sea League’s Sea Lion Camp 2023 By: Rachel Zook-Brimer + Erika Lindemann The Sea League (TSL) is a fiscally sponsored program of Wilderness Youth Project. TSL Sea Lion Camp June 26-30, 2023 Long days soaking wet, with salty hair in the fresh air. A day hanging over the bow of a big boat …

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Imagine for yourself

Imagine for Yourself Donate Today Imagine this …it’s your first ever visit to the Carpinteria Bluffs.  The January rains mean the grass is tall. So tall, you realize, that when Miranda flops down flat on her back, you can’t see her, even though she’s just a few feet away from you! Soon, all fourteen of …

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Adelante & McKinley Youth Campout at Quail Springs Permaculture

Adelante & McKinley Youth Campout at Quail Springs Permaculture Water in the desert, goat walks, sleeping under the stars: camping helps young people release stress, experience happiness, and feel more alive. Each May, WIlderness Youth Project invites youth participating in our Bridge to Nature subsidized programs to join a camping trip. This year, we combined …

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Saving for a Rainy Day

Saving for a Rainy Day Do you have any favorite rainy day memories with your kids? Or does your kid have a favorite memory from a rainy WYP day (where you got to stay dry while WYP staff took care of the wet part)? “I send my kid out in his favorite dragon rain jacket …

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planting trees

Endowment and Planned Giving

Why an endowment? Kids need nature today.  The reasons kids need nature aren’t going away.  That means WYP, too, needs to be here to stay. “By establishing an endowment, a nonprofit may send a signal to the community and donors that the organization is thinking long-term and building assets for its own future sustainability.” –The …

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kids on top of log

2022 in Review

The King Tides around new years remind us of the high water marks of the past year, and they invite us to reflect on the low times. We hope we treat low times like tide pools- worthy of investigating, possibly holding treasures. Here are some reflections on the past year for Wilderness Youth Project: High …

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Donor Spotlight: The Coastal Fund

Donor Spotlight: The Coastal Fund At Wilderness Youth Project, we have become deeply connected to our coastal ecosystems at places like Gaviota, Haskell’s Beach, Ellwood, Campus Point, and many more beaches from Goleta to Carpinteria. Witnessing many of our participants explore our local coast for the first time in their lives, we understand the power …

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“Vitamin N” with Richard Louv

“Vitamin N” with Richard Louv Seen in 46 states and 58 countries, Hospice Santa Barbara’s illuminate Community Education and Engagement Series is a FREE virtual series of renowned speakers who address the feelings and questions that accompany our challenging time – speakers that will inspire, educate, encourage deeper inquiry and action, create community discussion, and …

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Donor Spotlight: Yardi Systems

Donor Spotlight: Yardi Systems Corporate Philanthropy Wilderness Youth Project is deeply grateful for the support we receive from businesses and corporations in Santa Barbara. Corporate philanthropy is a great way for businesses to show their employees, customers, and their local community that they are committed to supporting and improving the communities they call home.  Yardi …

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