Covid- 19 Protocols

School Year PROGRAMS 2021 - 2022

COVID - 19 Precautions and Protocols

Updated 8/18/21

Dear WYP families,

I was recently inspired by a talk Lynn Fitzgibonns, MD (WYP parent and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital infectious disease doctor) gave as she talked about the universal wishes:

  •  To rid our community of COVID-19 tomorrow
  •  To keep our kids happy and healthy, while learning and growing

At WYP, we support those wishes as we do what we do best - GET KIDS OUTSIDE as they learn, grow, connect, feel, love, experience, change, discover, question, honor...

We thank you for being part of the Wilderness Youth project community by participating in our school year programs. We will do our part to keep kids safe as we continue to navigate these moments with care and compassion. 

We have created the following COVID-19 protocols in conjunction with Santa Barbara County Health officials and CDC guidelines

Please note that THESE GUIDELINES ARE LIKELY TO CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. We will continue to update you as our protocol changes and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding  in efforts to maximize safety and fun. 


  • Camps will have groups of 12-16 campers and 3-4 staff/volunteers
  • We will wash hands before snacks and after going to the bathroom
  • When in very close proximity (consoling a young child, tending to a first aid situation, walking in a tight formation through a tunnel), we will wear masks
  • Masks will not be required when outdoors; however, participants are welcome to choose to wear a mask at any time  


  • WYP staff are either vaccinated or will undergo weekly rapid COVID-19 testing
  • WYP staff will do a self health assessment and stay home if they feel ill or have any symptoms
  • WYP staff will inform the program director if they have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and will remain off of program and in quarantine for the recommended time


  • We will use vans from our meeting locations to various outdoor destinations (Treefrog (grades K-2) groups and older)
  • We will wear masks inside the vans
  • Windows will be open for improved ventilation
  • We will limit our destinations to within 15 minutes of travel from our meeting location


  • If a participant is not feeling well or has a temperature of 100 or more, they will be sent home.
  • If anyone in your family has any flu-like symptoms, please do not attend WYP.
  • We encourage testing to rule out Covid and will be available to help you find a testing center. 


  • BEFORE program every day - please conduct a health screening of your child, including temperatures, and monitoring of covid like symptoms. 
  • Staff and mentors will be asked to stay home when they have signs of any infectious illness and will be referred to their healthcare provider for testing and care as needed.
  • If a participant shows any signs or symptoms during the program, that particpant’s caregiver will be called and immediately sent home


  • Exposure unvaccinated:
    • Individual will quarantine for 10 days with no symptoms 
  • Exposure vaccinated:
    • Individual may attend program, wearing a mask at all times for 10 days following exposure
  • If anyone in a weekly program has tested positive for COVID-19, that program will be cancelled for one week. 
    • Staff will adhere to our exposure guidelines before returning to work
  • If anyone in a daily program has tested positive for COVID-19, that program will be cancelled for 10 days since the day of contraction.
  • Anyone that tests positive for COVID-19 (unvaccinated or vaccinated):
    • If asymptomatic will isolate for 10 days after day of positive test
    • If symptomatic will isolate for 10 days after symptoms first appeared AND 24 hours fever free AND symptoms have greatly improved


  • If you NEED to travel internationally, please follow CDC guidelines for when you can return to program HERE
  • If you NEED to travel domestically, please follow CDC guidelines for when you can return to program HERE


  • Good article regarding risk of transmission outdoors.
  • WYP provides refunds when WYP cancels programs per these guidelines

As always, let us know what questions or concerns you have by calling or email us: 805-964-8096 /