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Provide Scholarships:

70% of our participants qualify for full or partial scholarships based on family income.

Grow smarter, healthier, happier kids:

The late Yale Ecologist Dr. Stephen Kellert concluded that “findings in health care, education, work, recreation and community indicate that contact with nature is vital to child development.” Nature, Kellert’s research demonstrated, teaches children to cope and problem-solve.

Mentor children:

WYP’s ultimate aspiration is that our participants grow into self-actualized adults who keep the wellness of people, place and planet in mind.

Advance equitable access to time outdoors:

Children from communities of color and low-income neighborhoods face barriers to quality nature experiences. This inequity is reflected in disparate health, mental health and developmental outcomes. Conversely, nature access can create more racially, socially and economically equitable communities.

Eliminate nature deficit disorder:

Children today spend less time outdoors than any other generation, devoting only four to seven minutes to unstructured outdoor play per day while spending an average of seven and a half hours in front of electronic media. Children are carrying this disconnection with nature into adulthood which creates a troubling national trend for the future of the health and wellness of our communities.