Leadership Team


Sharon Buczaczer

Sharon Buczaczer (shey/they/ella/ellos) Program Director and Lead Program Staff / Director del programa y Personal líder del programa On the team since / En el equipo desde: 2012 funeba@jlc.bet How do we live in a place of constant connection and bring a genuine culture to our future generations? This is a daily question that inspires […]

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Mario Mendez

Mario Mendez Community Accountability Manager + Senior Staff / Gerente de responsabilidad comunitaria y personal líder del programa On the team since / En el equipo desde: 2009 znevb@jlc.bet Mario is a native of Colombia and carries with him a deep connection between people and our environment. Having lived in South America, the Middle East,

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Michelle Howard

Michelle Howard (she/her/ella) Grants Management Director / Directora de Gestión de Subvenciones On the team since / En el equipo desde: 2005 zvpuryyr@jlc.bet A sailor and backpacker, Michelle is thankful to bring her love of the outdoors to work. Michelle’s commitment to social and environmental justice brought her to WYP in 2005. She previously spent

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Erika Lindemann

Erika Lindemann (she/her/hers/ella) Associate Director / Directora Asistente On the team since / En el equipo desde: 2008 revxn@jlc.bet Erika was born and raised in Santa Barbara. In 2001 she returned home after graduating from UC Santa Cruz and worked for over 5 years promoting sustainable transportation, especially bikes. Erika’s connection to nature comes from

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Dan Fontaine

Executive Director / Director Ejecutivo On the team since 2007 / En el equipo desde 2007 qnas@jlc.bet Dan came to Santa Barbara while pursuing his PhD in Engineering from UC Santa Barbara. A naturalist and birder, Dan transitioned from the private sector in 2003, starting as a volunteer. He has worked in every capacity at

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