Group: Staff

Lorena Alvarado

Lorena Alvarado(she/her/ella) Administrative Coordinator/ Coordinadora administrativa

Alexandra Marquez

Alexandra Marquez (she/her/ella) Program Staff/ Personal del programa Alexandra grew up in the small community of El Portal right outside of Yosemite National Park. Playing in the dirt, river, and meadows of Yosemite, and its surrounding areas, Alexandra fell in love with nature and the outdoors. Through her participation with nature connection programs similar …

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Celeste Chavez Hernandez

Celeste Chavez Hernandez (she/her) Family Engagement Intern / Pasante de Compromiso Familiar Celeste was born and raised on traditional Coast Miwok land in a small town nestled between the Sonoma hills, wetlands and a stone’s throw away from the Russian River and majestic Redwood trees. She found her passion for environmental justice in high …

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Rachel Iler-Keniston

Rachel Iler-Keniston (she/her) Program Staff / Personal del programa enpury.vyrexravfgba@tznvy.pbz Rachel grew up in Massachusetts, and in the White Mountains of New Hampshire she found her creativity and imagination sparked by the outdoors. Rachel began working with children at a summer camp in Massachusetts. She later worked as a one to one aid and found …

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Janira Cotto

Janira Cotto (she/her/ella) Program Staff / Personal del programa Janira Cotto grew up in New York City where she spent her childhood playing in the dirt in front of her building, filling her pockets with rocks and catching fireflies during summer nights. As a child, Janira’s mother would take her to many parks but …

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Sofia Smith Hale

Sofia Smith Hale (she/they) Program Staff / Personal del programa I come to WYP from many years of being an apprentice to nature, learning continually from her wisdom, generosity, and resilience. I have been shaped by many plants, mountains, and bodies of water in my life, and am grateful to be able to learn …

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Elise Scheuermann

Elise Scheuermann (she/ella) Program Staff / Personal del programa Elise grew up in Santa Barbara and spent her childhood tidepooling and exploring local trails with her family. She is grateful to her family for fostering her love of nature, which led her to the redwoods in Santa Cruz, where she majored in Environmental Studies …

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Celine Pun

Celine Pun/ 潘珠海 (Pān Zhūhǎi) / (she/they/ella/ellos) Program Staff / Personal del programa Celine is non-binary & uses she/they pronouns. Celine was named after that famous Canadian singer from the Titanic. She was also named zhūhǎi (a pearl in the ocean) but nobody calls them that. They like to believe their namesake comes from …

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Cielle Watjen Brown

Cielle Watjen Brown (she/her/ella) Program Staff / Personal del programa pvryyrjo@tznvy.pbz Cielle grew up in the redwood forests of Mendocino and spent most of her time in the woods flipping over logs in search of critters. She went to high school in Hawai’i where she developed a passion for outdoor education and followed her curiosity …

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Finbar Castellino

Finbar Castellino (they/them, ellos/ellos) Program Staff / Personal del programa Finbar (was born in the bay area and was raised in Santa Barbara. Their fascination with the natural world started in preschool where they attended an outdoor school and was intensified as a WYP participant. Finbar enjoys spending time with their best friend, playing ultimate …

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