Amanda Zavala

Amanda Zavala (she, her, ella)
Program Staff

Amanda grew up in Ventura County, unceded Chumash territory, and was overwhelmed by its natural beauty and mysticism from a young age. She comes from a long line of farmworkers and herbalists in Brazil, and feels it is tremendously powerful to return to that kind of work after generations of moving away from it. ⁠Amanda believes that working with the land is necessary healing for community and the earth. ⁠Amanda went to Santa Barbara City College and then later graduated from the Evergreen State College in Washington with a degree in political science and climate justice. Her passion for teaching began through volunteering with incarcerated youth in Washington. She discovered a love of farming and the outdoors while volunteering with an organization that grew food for the local food bank and provided farm programming for the local high schools. After graduating, she worked at Quail Springs Permaculture to better understand sustainable farming techniques in dryer climates and the structure of worker-led organizations. Some of Amanda's favorite past times are reading political philosophy like Paulo Freire and Angela Davis, painting, playing music, and cooking elaborate meals with as many veggies as possible. ⁠Amanda is so thankful to work with the land and learn alongside youth in Santa Barbara.