Ana Fabian

Family & Community Engagement Coordinator (she/they) As a youth Ana was dedicated to organizing in her city of Escondido focusing on immigrant rights forums and fighting the injustices evident in her city. She was able to gain the political consciousness that allowed her to see the effects of police and ICE harassment in her community. As a UCSB student she worked with youth in Santa Barbara county through the organization M.U.J.E.R. and joined the efforts of the labor movement with the union AFSCME 3299. She organized alongside campus workers in their 3 year long fight where they became witness to a historic victory in January 2020. These experiences have helped her grow and see the power of collective action and solidarity. The community she found in Santa Barbara, along with her love for the healing offerings of nature have brought her to WYP. They are driven by the resilience of the people she has connected with in the many spaces of learning, by her parents, and her community. She centers love and care in her work and enjoys journaling and having picnics with her loved ones.