Catalina Pareja

Program Staff Catalina was born with her twin sister in La Paz, Bolivia and grew up with the merging of Bolivian and American culture. She relished her local culture and country, as well as the time she spent visiting her mother’s parents home in California every summer. She has fond memories of gardening with her grandfather, and eating freshly picked peaches. She moved to the United States for college, pursuing an Environmental Engineering degree. She felt something was missing, and in searching for deeper connection and purpose, she discovered permaculture. This lead to Catalina spreading her wings to spend two years living off the grid in the jungles of Costa Rica, in an permaculture learning center and intentional community. Here her son, Tao, was conceived, and the question of a nature connected, meaningful, dynamic education system rang ever deeper. Diving deep into the Waldorf education and philosophy, as well as Forest School Early Childhood Education, Catalina and Tao are now blessed to find themselves here in Santa Barbara.