Jacky Correa

Lead Program Staff

W.VaGurBnxf@tznvy.pbz  Jacky got to grow up in our beautiful Santa Barbara, often visiting her family in Mexico during the holidays and long summer breaks. She is in love with our open spaces, flora, fauna, and the community she has cared for from a very young age. She feels grateful to have had the chance to get to know many personalities of all ages and stages as she cared for them professionally in various settings. From elderly care to Early childhood education and everything in between Jacky has found one aspect in common… Nature is healing, loving, and feeds everyone’s soul. She has made it her life’s mission to bring nature connection to all so that they too may find that peace of mind, that quiet space for reflection, or that very needed opportunity to expel endless energy. Jacky is happy to call Wilderness Youth Project her extended family, who supports this mission of hers and vice versa.