Joshua Hilberg

Program Staff Joshua has spent his lifetime exploring the outdoors and sharing these adventures with his friends and family. He feels like nature shaped him into the person he is now, having spent many of his formative years perched on boulders, exploring caves, or sleeping beneath the stars. He learned plumbing as a career to better understand the connections between human society, water, and the natural world. After learning about WYP, and newly inspired by the birth of his son, he realized he could become a part of something truly meaningful in working to  connect kids to nature. Now he combines a love of the wild, science, mentoring, and community building to a new chapter of his career. In his off time he can be found making music, practicing martial arts, fixing leaks, or enjoying time with his family. A person of many cultures, interests, and experiences, Joshua aspires to bring nature connection to people of all backgrounds. He feels very fortunate to have found an organization and community that shares this vision. This work brings him great joy.