Laurena Donohue

Program Staff


qbabuhr.y.r@tznvy.pbz We called ourselves the little rascals and there was no nook or cranny of the forest where a fort could not be found. Some were built under fallen pine trees, others – dug-outs in the dirt, yet all were shelter from pirates, dinosaurs and “grown-ups”. Ding dang ding! Just as the sun set, a bell rang in the distance and seven of us in matching mud-stained clothes, pockets full of acorns and sling shots, and good ol' Massachusetts ticks clinging to our cuffs bolted home for a proper dousing and nourishment. As we grew, so did our appetites for adventure and years later I found myself at the helm of a 71 ft. Swan sailboat. As we dropped anchor in the lucid waters of the Fijian archipelago, local children with their brimming smiles dotted the shores. It was almost time for Sevu Sevu ceremony and they were gathering sea cucumbers and clams to feed a village. A life of interdependence with the land and ocean meant survival by way of nature, by way of communion and practice. Their laughter and way invoked my inner child and guides my path today; facilitating youngsters in the pursuit of wild harvested foods, Red Tailed Hawk sightings, hand-stitched pouches, animal tracks and adventure!