Introducing Nature Link

Wilderness Youth Project’s Virtual Nature Mentoring Program


NATURE LINK is virtual nature mentoring with your favorite Wilderness Youth Project staff. Our calls are playful, interactive, and inspire nature quests and storytelling. Each week we will introduce new themes as we share nature discoveries and mysteries in our own backyard! 

Our second session is 4 weeks and runs from May 4th to May 29th. Each meetup is 40 minutes to one-hour of online group nature mentoring. A WYP mentor will be present to guide the group with discussion and activity and will then send participants off with a nature adventure to be done before the next meet up. Nature adventures can happen in backyards, front sidewalks or open spaces. Each group will have one WYP mentor and 4-7 participants of similar age.

For free nature connection resources from WYP staff, click below to check out our new Resource Portal!

Help us continue to connect children to nature!


*New* DANDELION for siblings above age 5: 60 minute groups of 3-4 sibling groups.

  • Can have up to 3 siblings if they are all over the age of 5. No social distancing needed for siblings so we will have some fun and games that kids can do with their siblings as well as connection over Zoom. The Nature Quests we leave them with will include adventures they can do all together. We strongly encourage you to consider what is best for your children. Some siblings will have fun with this and others would much prefer to be in their own separate group.

CHICKWEED for ages 3-4: 

  • 40-minute groups of 4 children. Participants must have an adult present or nearby to help with the call. This requires some assistance from adults on some of the activities. There will be a one-day-a-week optional parent group that will help give you tools to be mentoring your little ones.

SOUR GRASS for ages 5-6: 45-minute groups of 6 children.

  • We have morning and afternoon program offerings. Parents should be ready to help if needed but don’t need to be part of the call. Morning and afternoon sessions are offered.

GOOSEBERRY for ages 7-8: 60-minute groups of 6 children. 

PLANTAIN for ages 9-11: 60-minute groups of 6 children

HUMMINGBIRD SAGE for ages 12-14: 60 minute groups of 7 children

*New* YERBA SANTA for girls ages 12-1460-minute groups of 7 children.

  • This group is for anyone who identifies as female.

STINGING NETTLE for ages 15-17: 60-minute groups of 7 children.


Our versatile and creative program staff have come up with some new WYP games as well as held on to some of the classics.

Here is a sample call:

  • Gratitude and Nature Names A WYP core routine that kids still love to share
  • Play – Games are inspired by our traditional outdoor programs and are adapted for online engagement. Believe it or not we have played some favorites like eagle eye, sneak a peek, animal forms, mystery box and so much more. 
  • Nature Dive Let’s look at a map or dissect a flower. Gather and compare some leaves or go deep into the workings of a skull. There is so much to explore!
  • Stories/SharingSometimes we will tell a story and sometimes kids will have incredible stories to share from their weekly quests.
  • Nature Quest – Towards the end of the Zoom, we will send your child with a nature quest for the week to be completed before we meet up again.


$100 per four-week session. Scholarships are available to families to make this affordable, and scholarships are automatically applied to your registration based off of your family size and income. If the auto-generated fee is not affordable, please reach out to our registration team at gro.pyw@rartsiger. For more information on pricing, visit our pricing page.


Email gro.pyw@knilerutan with any questions, comments, feedback, or concerns!


If you are interested in signing up for a 4 week session, please click the button below and we’ll enroll you in a group during the next week.

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