Students and staff reach the top of a (big) mountain on the Eastern Sierras after 6 days of backpacking.


Launched by The Orfalea Foundation in 2012 and under the leadership of Wilderness Youth Project, REACH is an experiential education program for motivated high school students from California’s Santa Barbara County. REACH (Resilience, Education, Adventure, Community and Health) works to prepare students for lives of purposeful action, continuous learning, and the courageous pursuit of opportunity.


Students at a Financial Literacy class.

Students are accepted during their junior year in high school and remain in the program for 2.5 years, through their first year of post secondary education. Students began the program by participating in college tour road trip, and exploring California. During the school year, students participate in programming focused on skill building opportunities in education, career exploration, personal development, financial literacy, and community involvement. After the first year in the program students go backpacking in the sierras, rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park, and complete their fellowship with a 20 day trip to Ecuador. By participating in this program, students commit to themselves, their families and REACH that they are willing to put in the time and energy to explore their potential and strive to achieve their goals.


For more information about the program, and how to apply, please visit the REACH Website:


Lucero cooking a farm to table meal for her family at Fairview Gardens


Clarissa climbing in Joshua Tree National Park


Angel and Silvia cooking a farm to table meal for their families at Fairview Gardens


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