Building A Raft

Late spring and early summer are great times to adventure down streams and explore what kinds of life inhabit the shallow pools. What if we imagined that we were tiny like the creatures that lived in these creeks? 


Something has shrunken you and your only way to travel is by building a raft. Build something that will float and not get stuck in the shallows but will be able to survive the rapids. Below is a video of how to make a raft. Sticks and string were used to tie it all together. Watch out for the waterfalls!

Try out different raft designs and sizes. Find out what gives your raft balance and makes it flow smoothly past any debris.


Raft Derby

If you’re with a friend or sibling, try a friendly race to a chosen destination. Agree on some contest rules, like how many times you’re allowed to assist a stuck raft or how many seconds you have to wait before re-releasing a stuck raft. Maybe you want a challenge and will try to see who can keep a light-weight stone or object on top of the raft the farthest? 


Now that you can make a small raft, try making a life-size raft. You can use driftwood logs at the beach instead of sticks, and strong rope like paracord instead of string. Goleta Beach or Haskell’s Beach, where the creeks run into the ocean, are great places to look for materials. Good Luck!


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