Indoor Nature Hunt


Here is a scavenger hunt you can play by yourself or with a friend over Facetime or Zoom. You can share with each other what you have around your house that reminds you of things you might find out in nature. The objects you find do not have to be natural themselves, just resemble them in some way. Give a fun explanation or story for each. If you can’t find something right away, skip it and move on. If you think of something later, you can always come back to it and share it then. 

For a printable version of this scavenger hunt, click here!


Here is a list of 40 possible items to find in your house that remind you of nature:

  • Something that shines like a crystal:___________
  • ….feels smooth like a river stone:_________
  • ….round like a log:__________
  • ….lighter than a feather:____________
  • ….heavier than a rock:____________
  • ….spherical like an orange:__________
  • ….smells like a rose:__________
  • ….circular like a bubble:___________
  • ….looks like an insect:__________
  • ….came from a plant or tree:__________
  • ….looks like seaweed:___________
  • ….has the shape of an acorn:___________
  • ….reminds you of water (that is not water!):___________
  • ….has the shape of your favorite fruit:_____________
  • ….reminds you of a mouse:__________
  • ….soft like the fur of an animal:___________
  • ….feels hard like a bone:__________
  • ….spikey like a pinecone:___________
  • ….sharp like a blade of grass:___________
  • ….buzzes like a bee:___________
  • ….shaped like the spiral of a snail shell:____________
  • ….symmetrical like the wings of a butterfly:___________
  • ….branches like the veins of a leaf:_________
  • ….zig-zags like a snake:____________
  • ….looks like the wave of an ocean:___________
  • ….has cracks like dry mud:_________
  • ….has spots like a ladybird beetle:_________
  • ….has stripes like a zebra:________
  • ….has rings like the cross-section of a tree:___________
  • ….straight like bamboo:__________
  • ….shaped like a honeycomb:____________
  • ….bundled like a bird nest:___________
  • ….woven like a basket:___________
  • ….has rays like the sun:___________
  • ….looks like the bark of a tree:__________
  • ….looks like a mushroom:_________
  • ….slimey like algae:_________
  • ….tiny like a seed:__________
  • ….shaped like a flower:_________
  • ….pillowy like moss:__________


Questions to ponder:

  1. Did you have any of the things from nature in your house already?
  2. What were you surprised to find that mimicked the shape of nature?
  3. What is one thing you found that reminded you of an adventure you had outside of your house?
  4. What is something you have in your house that reminds you of something from nature that was not on the list?
  5. Try the opposite: Next time you go for a walk or hike, can you find anything in nature that reminds you of something in your home?


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