Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Materials needed:

  • Pine cones
  • Nut butter or honey, your adhesive. ***Nut butters are great, but if you’re feeling brave and want a real sensory experience, honey is your sticky friend
  • Bird food. ***Can be dried fruits, meal worms, cheerios, seeds, or a fun blend. Some good seeds include: Sunflower, Safflower, Nyjer or Thistle, Millet, Shelled and Cracked Corn, Peanuts, Flax…
  • A butter knife/spoon/stick
  • String/ribbon/yarn/wire, something to hang up your bird feeder
  • Scissors to cut the string/yarn/wire



1) Take a stroll to your nearest pine tree with a bag.

I have spotted many pine cones on scattered along the sidewalk at McKenzie park, down De la Vina street, and all around Los Carneros Lake. If you bump into one of these beautiful pines on your way to the grocery store or while walking the dog, take a minute to gather a few pine cones.


 2) Make the Pine Cone Bird Feeder.

Find a space that is easily cleaned or where it is OK to scatter bird food/sticky materials. Gather all your materials in this space. Spread your adhesive all over the grooves of the pine cone. Make sure there it is thoroughly covered, nice and sticky to hold the bird food. Then start pouring/sticking the food on. Once your pine cone feeder is complete tie a string around it and find a nice place to hang it… on a tree branch, off the porch, wherever a bird might come snack.

3) Observe.

After your feeder is hung up and birds have discovered it, watch to see who visits. How frequently are they coming? What are they eating?

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