Scavenger Hunt: 20 Bird Challenge

This 20 Bird Challenge is an open ended hunt. There are ten species of birds on this list and your goal is to see two different birds from each species, for a total of 20 unique birds. Depending on your mood, you can peck away at finding a few birds a day or go for the WHOLE LIST in one sitting or one walk. All methods work! 

Click here to download the printable version! 

▢ ▢ American Crow 

I usually hear crows before I see them – they’re always up to something fun.



▢ ▢ Western Scrub Jay

This mischievous sky blue friend loves taking over bird feeders and hanging out with a pal or two and causing a ruckus.



▢ ▢ Acorn Woodpecker

WAKA WAKA – what a fun call this flyer makes. And such bold colors! Look near snags (dead trees) telephone poles, and palms for their granary holes plugged with acorns.


▢ ▢ Gull

Quick! Put your cheetos away!



▢ ▢ California Towhee

Mostly brown, but did they sit in a bowl of brick colored paint?



▢ ▢ Red Tailed Hawk

Look up! These regal flyers are often mobbed by crows. 



▢ ▢ Mallard

Piw-piw-piw-piw-piw- the distinctive sound of mallards flying overhead…



▢ ▢ Mockingbird

Because Three AM is always a good time to practice imitating every other bird call you know. Listen long enough and you’ll hear one.



▢ ▢ Dark Eyed Junco

Stout and adorable, these ground feeders are just waiting for you to throw a handful of seeds in your yard for them to feast on!



▢ ▢ Turkey Vulture – It is rumored that turkey vultures can smell dead animals a mile away.




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