Scavenger Hunt: Birds (Level 2)

What bird would you choose to be today?! I would choose to be a pelican, gliding inches above the surface of the glittered ocean, taking huge fish filled gulps of salty water, and occasionally surfing a wave or two. If you haven’t tried our Birds Level 1 Scavenger Hunt, it’s a great place to begin. Otherwise, let’s take it up a notch and get to know some other feathered friends. Download the printable version here!


This is a seated scavenger hunt! Grab some water, find a shady spot to sit and settle in. Give the birds a couple minutes to return to baseline and see how long it takes for them to return.

  • One bird singing a song at least two different times
    • Did the song come from the same place each time? How long was it between songs? Did the song come from high up in a tree, from a medium height shrub, or low to the ground? 
  • One bird pecking, or scratching on the ground for two minutes
    • What does this bird look like? Size, color, shape…Was the bird alone or with friends? What do you think they were doing on the ground?
  • One bird flying back and forth between two different spots
    • How far away are the spots? Did the bird make any sound at the spot or on the way there?
  • One bird twice as big as a bird you’ve already seen
    • What did the big bird look like? Size, color, shape…What were they doing?
  • Too many birds in a flock to count them all
    • No questions here, flocks of birds are a magical gift! Turn that face skyward and soak in the sight of feathered friends


Bird queries, dreams of flight, or a blue feather blessing? Email to connect!

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