Scavenger Hunt: Red

Why red? Red says: WHY NOT?!

Red is warm oxygenated blood pumping. Flowers that POP through carpets of green. Cochineal pigments. Ember red coals. DANGER! STOP! Bright berries beckon…edible fruits or poisonous berry? Let’s get to know Red! 


Transcribe these questions to your journal OR click here for a printable version and bring a pencil OR bring your device along on the wander.

  • Find the first example of the color red. 
    • What is it? _______________________________________
    • Is it living or non living?_____________________________
  • Find a physically bigger example of red. 
  • Walk so far away that you can no longer see this bigger example.
  • From where you end up, find red on a plant.
    • What part of the plant is it? __________________________
  • What is the farthest away example of red? 
    • Is it living or non living? ____________________________
  • Pick a far away example of red & walk towards it. 
  • As you walk, count how many examples of red you find along the way. How many did you count? _____________________________
  • Without looking back, guess how many examples were living and how many were not living. Your guess: _______________________
  • Take one minute to find as many examples of non-living red near you. How many did you find? _______________________________
  • Take one minute to find as many examples of living red near you. How many did you find? ___________________________________
  • Head back towards your starting point, and pick the most beautiful example of red along your path.
    • What is it? _______________________________________

Once you make it back home…

Write a brief “Story of my wander” below.


Questions to ponder:

  1. For living red on plants: What parts of the plants were red? (Bark, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits?)
  2. How much of the plant was covered in red?
  3. Are any of these plants that had red on them edible? How can you find out?
  4. What examples of non-living red did you see?
  5. Do these examples have anything in common?
  6. Count how many red foods you have in your kitchen. Do they have anything in common?
  7. How do you think this scavenger hunt would go with a different color? Which parts would be harder or easier?


Feedback, stories, poetry and the like? Send it my way!

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