Shadow Drawings

Here’s an activity you can do from home. Ever wanted to catch your shadow or a flower’s shadow on paper? Wondering what your shadow or the shadow of a tree looks like at different times of the day?

YOUR OWN SHADOW: “This is a partner activity best played on a sunny day. First make a large piece of paper by flattening out used paper bags and pasting or taping them together. Then, hang the paper on a wall, the side of a building, or a tree, or place it flat on the ground. One partner assumes a position of their choice, or makes a shadow animal with their hands, so that their shadow falls on the paper. The other partner traces the shadow on the paper, and together you can paint in the details.

This project can lead to an awareness of sun and clouds as well as an observation of the positions of the sun at various times.”


FLOWER: With the sun above or slightly behind, hold a flower above a piece of paper so a shadow is on your paper. Trace the shadow. After you trace it, you can color, paint or pencil.


TREE: With the sun overhead, sit under a tree, so the branches and leaves cast a shadow on your paper. Trace the shadow. If it’s windy, it could be tricker since the shadow might move. 


OTHER OBJECT: Find anything that you want and hold above or have a friend hold it above. You can create an entire collage of nature shadows and color them in.


Activity taken from The second cooperative Sports & Games book by Terry Orlick

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