Nature Rainbow Hunt

By Ann Bumby

One way to combat Zoom fatigue is to spend your breaks outside in nature. This activity will help you tune into your surroundings and bring you into the present moment.

Step 1. Head outside, and take a few moments to observe the colors you see in natural objects around you. You may be noticing flowers, rocks, leaves, tree bark, or something else you find.

Step 2. Are some colors easy to find? Difficult? You may begin to notice more subtle shades, or colorful pieces of objects that you hadn’t noticed before. Feel free to get down on hands and knees, inspect things closely, climb a tree to look at new angles, turn over rocks- find new ways to observe!

Step 3. Begin collecting objects, with the challenge of finding at least one for each color of the rainbow.

Step 4. Arrange your objects in a way that you enjoy. This can be in rainbow order or not.

Step 5. Take a photo to share, or keep your art for yourself. You may even choose to leave it in a place for others to find and enjoy.