Crafts Inspired by Nature

Crafts using natural materials are a great way to explore your creative side and connect with nature!

Want to incorporate treasures from nature into your home? First, make a treasure pouch to hold your items while you’re wandering. With these supplies, you’re ready to start our other projects:

Start with our guide to knife safety, then check out how to make a sustainable giant reed container, a yucca stalk burn container. These projects are better suited for older kids, with the supervision of an adult. 

Bring nature closer to you with our pine cone bird feeder

Bring your craft out to nature and build a raft to explore the flowing waters, or make a portable rope swing to feel the wind! If you feel like getting crafty outdoors, make a portable craft kit to keep you inspired!

For nature-inspired playtime, try making a leaf crown or an easy costume mask or no-sew wings!