Noticing Spring

by Kristin Van Der Kar

What a wonderful gift time at home can be to the young child.

Time to investigate our homes and connect with the space right around us. Throughout the coming weeks we will be sharing ideas to bring connection and joy. As I have been sitting in my yard I have been joyfully noticing the many signs of Spring right here in my backyard. 

I invite you to observe and investigate these signs of Spring with your child by using your senses. When we connect with nature each of our senses becomes alive. This activity can be a quick 5 minute reset or an all day adventure. 

Notice first with your eyes. 

  • What colors do you see?  Is there new growth on any plants? Do you see any birds? What are the birds doing? Are there flowers blooming? Can you find any insects? What do they look like? 

For the following senses I invite you to close your eyes when you can so that you can allow your dominant sense of sight to rest and your other sense to be activated.

Now close your eyes and listen.

  • Do you hear any birds? Can you imitate their call? Do you hear the wind? What is the farthest away sound that you can hear? What is the closest sound? 

Now use your nose to smell Spring.

  • What do the flowers smell like? What does the grass smell like? Do the smells bring up any memories? What does dirt smell like? Can you smell any food cooking

If you can, bring in your sense of taste as well.

  • If you have edible plants around, what do they taste like? Can you find anything sour tasting? Anything sweet? What does the air taste like? If Spring was a taste, what would it taste like?

Using your sense of touch:

  • Are you hot or cold? How does the new growth on the grass or bushes feel? Where do you feel the sun on your body? How does it feel to lie down on the earth? How do flower petals feel on your cheek? How do your feet feel on the earth?

How does Spring feel to your body? 

Does it make you feel joyful? Do you feel refreshed? Where do you have new growth? Are you getting all you need to grow-water, food, sunshine, love? 


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