Plant Art

Things we find in nature can make beautiful colors! Create an art piece with what you find outside. Go on a wander and harvest the flowers and leaves that you would like to experiment with. Some ideas of plants to try are: sour grass flowers, nasturtium flowers, nasturtium leaves, wild radish flowers and more!


  • Paper
  • Plants

Supplies for expanded project:

  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Rock to smash with or a hammer
  • Tape

What else can you find that makes color? How much from each plant feels ok to take? Are we leaving enough for the pollinators? How can we ask the plants if we can harvest from them? Can we give them a gift through a song, some water or something else? 

Once you have harvested the plants you are ready to investigate!

Try rubbing the different plant parts on your paper. What colors can you create? What do you want to draw? 

If you would like to go deeper with this project you can try plant pressing on fabric! This is a great way to expand the project for older siblings. 

Tape your flowers and leaves onto 100% cotton fabric- a T-shirt, a cut up old sheet… 

Now flip your fabric so that the plant is on the bottom and place it on a hard surface-maybe a piece of flat wood or concrete. Now hammer with a hammer or a stone and watch the color and shapes come through!  Remove the taped plant parts and enjoy the beauty of your creation. 

Other ways to deepen this project are to investigate the plant parts before drawing with them. If you have a magnifying glass you can look closely at them. How many petals does the flower have? Who may pollinate them? What color will they create?

Enjoy as you capture Spring onto your paper and fabric!

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