Daily Dose

Celebrating 25 Years

Wilderness Youth Project Turns 25 This Year! Sponsorship Deck + Options Sponsorship form online 25th Anniversary Community Celebration This all-ages festival will be open to the public and bring together over 300 community partners and supporters to celebrate 25 years of Wilderness Youth Project. Event Information Date: Saturday, October 5th, 2024 Time: 12:00 – 4:00 […]

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Daily Dose of Nature

We began Daily Dose on March 16 2020 during the COVID lockdown as a way to inspire connection during the days when connection felt hard to come by. Since then and through many days of uncertainty and unrest, we have tried to inspire, relate, give and receive with the life that surrounds us. From 20

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Our Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion All children need nature.  Not just the ones whose families have privilege and easy access to nature. Not only those of a certain race or economic class or culture or gender or sexual identity or language or set of abilities. Every child and every family. We acknowledge

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Five Questions in Nature

This week we invite you to explore your curiosity and discover new mysteries. Every day or night go outside and focus on one thing in nature (the bird in the tree, a flower, the sound of the wind). Examine it while using all your senses and ask 5 questions about what you’re observing. You do

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National Park Month

Visit a National Park or Create Your Own! July is National Park month. With over 400 National Parks and Park Service programs, you can find a place to visit anywhere throughout the country with the help of the National Park Service, or you can create your own national park. Find a space as big or

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Celebrate Latino Conservation Week

In honor of Latino Conservation Week, we are asking you to have a wild adventure of stewardship this weekend. If you enjoy being outside in any way, you have the opportunity to be part of the solution. Here are a few ideas: Go to your favorite outdoor place and pick up trash Plant some native plants

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Treasure Mapping All Week

Over the weekend we invited you to go on an adventure and create a treasure map. This week, try and bring that activity a little closer to home. Here’s how: Situate yourself in the middle of your home and draw your home as a map on a piece of paper. Try and orient your map to

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Make a Treasure Map

Have an adventure and make your own Treasure Map! If you try as a family: Have one person create a treasure map. This can be in your neighborhood or in an outdoor open space. Encourage the map creator to use unique landmarks (large trees, rocks that have a particular shape, funny looking flower, etc). Draw out a

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Notice the Lunar Cycle

Moon Waning Our moon is connected with the earth in so many ways – the moon creates our tides in the ocean, birds use the moon for migration and navigation, etc. This week, try and notice how the world is affected by the moon as it moves from full, to waning gibbous, to third quarter.

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Find the Moonlight

Full Moon Glory Saturday is the full moon. In lieu of fireworks this year, go out on a full moon adventure. Let the moon guide you on a journey. The full moon offers a lot of light so do your best to avoid using a flashlight or phone light while you are adventuring. Watch as

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