Daily Dose Updates

We’re Slowing Down our Daily Doses
Over the past few months we have had so much fun creating the daily dose of nature connection and hearing about how you’ve been incorporating it into your family’s routine. Now that restrictions are beginning to lift across the US, we have decided to share our dose of nature connection twice a week: once every Monday and Friday.

If you’re still hungry for nature connection ideas, we plan to continue updating our resource portal with more crafts, games, stories, recipes and more. If you have ideas for ways to continue filling that portal with helpful resources, let us know! 

Here’s today’s dose of nature connection ideas

Flash connection: Owl Eyes
Stand outside and allow your eyes to have a soft gaze off into the distance. Spread your arms wide horizontally and start to wiggle your fingers. Slowly bring your fingers towards the center and STOP when you can see your moving fingers out of the corners of your eyes or with your peripheral vision. Now, spread your arms wide vertically and do the same thing. This area gives you an idea of your entire field of vision. Start moving your body while keeping awareness of that entire field of vision. Notice the movement you see externally and notice what your own mind does internally.

Adventure: How do You Want to Feel?
Before you set off on your adventure today, take one huge breath in and out and ask yourself how you want to feel on this adventure. Perhaps you need joy or want to feel energized. Do you want the world to slow down? Whatever feeling you want to have on your adventure today, invite that feeling by saying the word aloud 3 times with your breath. Ask for that feeling to join you in each of your encounters on the adventure. Then let everything go and set off on your journey.

More about the newsletter…

While regular outdoor experiences with Wilderness Youth Project are limited we want to help you continue connecting with nature. Each week we will share two posts: one on Monday and the other on Friday with ideas to help you spend your time in natural open spaces or around your neighborhood. We recognize that while some people have all day to entertain themselves or their children, many others are still working, so we will offer two fun, stress reducing options: One will be a 5-10 minute flash connection that really will make your day better. The other will be a longer activity for those that have more time on their hands.