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Why support nature connection?

Your support will grow smarter, healthier, happier kids.

You are invited to make a difference. WYP mentors kids in nature to help them grow into strong confident members of the community. Research has shown that the two tools WYP uses, professional mentoring and time in nature, can nurture and grow more successful children.

Your financial support of WYP stays in the community, enables us to retain our world-class staff and reach underserved kids who stand to benefit from this program. That translates to your donations making for a better world.

Why Donate
Impact of Donation

Your gift helps…

  • Provide scholarships to 70% of our participants
  • Grow smarter, healthier, happier kids
  • Mentor children
  • Advance equitable access to time outdoors
  • Eliminate nature deficit disorder

Other Ways to Give

You might be eligible to receive tax benefits for your donation 
Donating stock and appreciated assets is one way. Another one is a rollover IRA if you're 70 1/2 or older.  Please consult your professional financial advisor for details.

What parents and teachers say about WYP

After a visit to Wilderness Youth Project, renowned educator and author David Sobel wrote: "Your program is doing EXACTLY what I've been talking about for the last twenty years as I work with educators towards outdoor education. You hit every single point I discuss as criteria for an effective outdoor education program."

"We appreciate everything WYP has done for our own children, as well as the community at large. The WYP staff are unmatched in their professionalism, expertise, outdoor safety skills, and genuine understanding of how to authentically open up the world of nature to children of all ages."

Bridget Lewin

UCSB Instructor

“We have witnessed a significant transformation in our daughter since she joined WYP. Her confidence has boosted, her listening skills improved, her love and connection for the earth and for her teachers and friends have blossomed.”

Happy Parent of a Preschool-Age Participant

“This is so...beautiful. I had no idea this kind of place even existed here. It’s where we live. I can’t believe I spend so much time with my friends just in our rooms, on our phones, sad. We just look at our phones and feel bad about ourselves. We could be here- outside- looking at this instead!”

Grateful Middle School Student on Her First Outing to Red Rock

“WYP has been a place of respite and solace for our child, a place to regain a sense of self and connect him once again to the beauty and invaluable lessons of the natural world. The talented and well- trained staff have expertly utilized their skills to help our child build social bridges and confidence in challenging social situations - experiences and relationships that have been a salve on a wounded heart. ”

Appreciative Parent of a 6 Year Old Participant


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