Daily Dose: Field of Vision

Here's today's dose of nature connection ideas!

Flash connection: Owl Eyes
Stand outside and allow your eyes to have a soft gaze off into the distance. Spread your arms wide horizontally and start to wiggle your fingers. Slowly bring your fingers towards the center and STOP when you can see your moving fingers out of the corners of your eyes or with your peripheral vision. Now, spread your arms wide vertically and do the same thing. ThisĀ area gives you an idea of your entire field of vision. Start moving your body while keeping awareness of that entire field of vision. Notice the movement you see externally and notice what your own mind does internally.

Adventure: How do you WANT to Feel?
Before you set off on your adventure today, take one huge breath in and out and ask yourself how you want to feel on this adventure. Perhaps you need joy or want to feel energized. Do you want the world to slow down? Whatever feeling you want to have on your adventure today, invite that feeling by saying the word aloud 3 times with your breath. Ask for that feeling to join you in each of your encounters on the adventure. ThenĀ let everything go and set off on your journey.