Lizard’s Mouth

314398_10150349029673309_853484097_nLIZARD’S MOUTH, a poem by Henry Manfredonia (WYP participant,  age 13) 

Looking at all the rocks, which way do you go?

You run up the rocks

You feel the roughness on your hands

You search for a shady spot to sit

You look up, you see the shadow of the lizard’s mouth

The lizard entreats you to come

You know it is your destination

You scramble to the lizard

He invites you to sit

You feel the power of the lizard and what it has shared to everyone

You spread your arms, the wind takes your body up

You feel like you’re flying

The lizard tells you stories from the past

It shares it’s secrets of the canyon

You walk back, the lizard says good bye

You have a duty, stories to share, a canyon to care for.