Kittyhawk Henderson

Lead Program Staff Kittyhawk hails from the oak savannah and redwood forests of the East San Francisco Bay area, where she grew up with her five younger siblings and parents. Her nature connection journey began in 5th grade when she went to a week long outdoor school and witnessed first-hand the effects that nature connection had on her own self-confidence and sense of belonging. She didn’t know it then, but she would be chasing that feeling of aliveness that she felt during that week all throughout her schooling career. During her first year of high school, she rediscovered her deep compassion for animals and started her vegan journey. She started volunteering at the Lindsey Wildlife Museum in high school, where she learned about, taught and cared for California native wildlife. Eventually, she found her way to the Santa Barbara region in 2014 to get her Environmental Studies degree at UCSB. She started her WYP journey with volunteering in 2016, after discovering that sense of aliveness she’d been chasing was not only attainable, but sustainable through WYP’s active practice of nature connection. She became a full-time staff member when she graduated in 2018, and has been working on bringing that same sense of aliveness to kids and teens ever since. She is a performing movement artist specializing in aerial silks, multi-prop fire dancing, and character role play; and comes most alive when she combines her movement art with wild nature adventures. One of her favorite things to do at WYP is weaving interactive storytelling, innovative gameplay, and mind-puzzle trickery into WYP programs and camps.