Xochitl Pacheco

Registrar and Administrative Assistant


kbpuvgy@jlc.bet Xochitl (pronounced so-chil) was born and raised in Santa Barbara and identifies as Mexica. Although her parents migrated, they taught her to strengthen her indigenous roots from Mexico and honor the land here. In high school, she volunteered with local nonprofits and fought for social justice in our community and equity in education. Her love for nature grew and trail running became her muse. Becoming a runner further connected her to her ancestry and she studied the ancestral nourishment of various cultures which later developed into a passion for culinary arts. As she continued growing in community, elders taught her the importance of being a positive, healthy, and kind teacher to the youth. She is now a loving mother who enjoys gardening with her family, creating art, drumming, singing, cooking, and reading. She aspires to be a good ancestor that makes an impact in the world to honor and protect natural balance and all beings in the beautiful circle of life.