Treasure Mapping All Week

Over the weekend we invited you to go on an adventure and create a treasure map. This week, try and bring that activity a little closer to home. Here’s how:

Situate yourself in the middle of your home and draw your home as a map on a piece of paper. Try and orient your map to the four directions (North, South, East and West). Each day this week, go outside and add 1-3 pieces to your map. You can start with big landmarks and then fill in small details, or start with what is closest to the house and each day add more items that are further away. Be sure to add landmarks that are stationary as well as moving objects such as birds, animal tracks, insects. If there is more than one person in the home, you can tape a large sheet of paper on a wall and create your map together!

More about the newsletter:
This summer we will continue offering inspirations for fun and safe ways to get outside. We will be sharing our “Daily Dip” on Mondays and our “Weekend Wilding” on Fridays. 

Daily Dips are a way to take your connection deeper with little time needed from you and your family. It is a small activity to do Monday – Friday to practice healthy habits and notice consistent patterns to build your relationship with the natural world. And don’t worry – even if you only get to it one day a week, it can still improve your mental and physical health.

The Weekend Wilding will be a bigger adventure of exploration and discovery, encouraging you to open your curiosities and bring a smile to your face.

Other resources:
If you’re still hungry for nature connection ideas, we plan to continue updating our resource portal with more crafts, games, stories, recipes and more. If you have ideas for ways to continue filling that portal with helpful resources, let us know!