Updated Program Availability

Updated Program Availability

Schedules & Current Availability

When we have spaces available, we will post more information here. Even though many programs are full due to returning prior participants, we encourage you to add your name to the waitlist.

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Summer 2024: June 17th - August 16th

Availability is current as of June 28th, 2024

Dates / FechaCamp Name /
Nomre de Campamento
Time / HoraroLocation /
Spots / Lugares
Treefrogs (Ages/ Edades 6-8)
July 8 -124H Treefrogs9-3pmHarding Elementary1
July 22 - 266C Treefrogs9-3pmCarpinteria Bluffs2 Females
Dolphins (Ages/ Edades 12-14)
Dragonflies (Ages/ Edades 9-11)
Overnight trips/ Campouts, Campamentos de Noche
Aug 5 - 98F Dragonflies- Bike Overnight campout
(Ages/Edades 10-11)
Thurs Campout
Franklin Elementary2 Females
Other Camps / Otro Campamentos
July 22 - 266O Sensory Salamanders
(Ages/Edades 6-12)
9-3pmOak Park5