WYP DIY: A Parent’s Perspective

WYP DIY: A Parent's Perspective

Nearby nature is all around! From art projects, to stories, to natural recipes, we are providing you with resources and WYP DIY Activities that more deeply engage children and adults with the natural world.

“As a mother of two young children, who are living in a world filled with more information than any of us can handle, I have found Wilderness Youth Project to be an oasis of what the world could be and should be if we were all able to slow down, put our toes in the mud and look around at the beauty we all have around us.

Family movie nights are lovely, eating together after a long day is great but nothing compares to the conversation, treasures found and moments shared when my husband and I take our girls for nature walks, treasure finding adventures or any of the incredible suggestions WYP has given us throughout this pandemic.

I thank you WYP, from the bottom of my heart for being there, every day, to help us remember that putting our toes in the mud or climbing a tree can sometimes be exactly what we all need.”

Autumn McFarland (Mom of Della age 8 and Nina age 2)