Connecting with nature during the pandemic

Staying smart, happy, and healthy

Going outside seems to be mentioned as a coping practice in every article we’ve read about for rules of social distancing during COVID-19. This advice is being given both for mental health and reducing stress for ourselves. 

While Wilderness Youth Project won’t be doing its usual programs we want to help you have outdoor experiences. It should be noted that experts are warning against playgrounds because of the highly touched surfaces like monkey bars, swings, etc. So, our adventures will involve activities at open spaces and trails. We also recognize that while some families have all day to entertain themselves or their children, many others are still working.

We will offer two fun, stress reducing options:

  • One will be a 5-10 minute flash connection really will make your day and life better.
  • The other will be a longer activity for those that may be inside with kids bouncing off the walls.

Let’s get started!


If it is raining: Bring one of your indoor plants outside and let your plant drink in the elixir! Watch the soil absorb the water and the dust get washed away from the leaves. You can stand there with an umbrella and just watch for 5-10 minutes.

If it isn’t raining: Still bring an indoor plant outside and do the same thing with your hose turned on to a very light mist. If you don’t have an indoor plant – go stand outside for 10 minutes and slowly drink a glass of water yourself.


Go to an open space (In Santa Barbara – More Mesa, Lake Los Carneros, Carpinteria Bluffs, Ellwood Mesa), and have a scavenger hunt to find all the colors of the rainbow. You don’t need to collect, harvest or pick anything to bring back, you just need to find the colors.

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If you are seeking emotional support, New Beginnings Counseling Center is a resource. They offer a sliding scale payment option and are offering tele-health or in-person services.