Daily Dose: Jason Ward


Black Lives Matter + Nature Connection
In an effort to amplify Black voices we are sharing resources from organizations led by Black naturalists. Today we invite you to check out @jasonwardny birding videos!

Here's today's dose of nature connection: “Keep Your Party Inside” - Jason Ward
Go on an hour long wander or 10 minute stroll with the intention of calm observation. When you see the rabbit feeding on the path, the downy woodpecker low on the tree, or a spider wrapping her prey, feel the excitement of what you are being allowed to witness but be reserved in how you emit that excitement. By doing so, you are becoming part of nature’s landscape rather than intruding upon the landscape.

In the words of Jason Ward, “It’s the quieter moments that are perhaps the most sublime. It’s almost like meditation...sometimes I have to remind myself to stop. Slow down. Just let it all come around you.”