Daily Dose: Somewhere New

Here's today's dose of nature connection ideas!

Flash connection: Plants in the Crack
Plant life has an incredible way of growing anywhere a seed can take root. Often, some of the least likely places we would expect to see life flourish, the most beautiful form. A little light and some grounding soil can go a long way. Go outside and find a crack in the sidewalk where the smallest bit of plant life is emerging and sit with them. Mostly, they probably get trampled and ignored but today, join them in their beauty and perseverance.

Adventure: Explore Somewhere New
From your home, find a route you have not walked before to saunter down. So many side streets and corridors exist within your neighborhood (tip: look near schools) that are ready to be explored. Make a point of taking a different route for your morning walk, or your ride to the store. If you are venturing away from home, explore a trail you have never been on before. How do you change what you observe and notice? Are you more aware when you do something out of your rhythm?