Daily Dose: Lost and Found

Here’s today’s dose of nature connection ideas!

Find a rock that fits perfectly in your pocket and feels great in your hand. Keep it in your pocket for the entire day or even for the week. Every time you put your hand in your pocket, let that be a trigger for the feeling you have when you are outside. This is inspired by the book, ‘Everybody Needs a Rock’ by Byrd Baylor

ADVENTURE: Make Art with Plant Pigments!
Things we find in nature can make beautiful colors! Create an art piece with what you find. Sour grass flowers- create a vibrant yellow, nasturtium flowers- create beautiful oranges and golds, nasturtium leaves-create green, creak stones dipped in water and rubbed on rocks create all kinds of colors. What else can you find that makes color? Bring a notebook out with you and explore what colors you can create.
Enjoy and don’t forget to practice a mindful harvest by not taking too much from any one plant.

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