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Daily Dose: Near and Far

Here’s today’s dose of nature connection ideas!

Find the closest tree to your home. Close your eyes and begin to feel all the parts of the tree, using your hands as your eyes to explore what the tree looks like from the smallest detail to the grand picture. This can be done with intentional visual focus as well for those who are staying completely indoors.

ADVENTURE:Find an animal track or trail
Wild and feral animals are everywhere (open spaces, backyards and behind apartments). See if you can find an animal trail and follow it! Look out for tall parted grasses, a worn dirt path amidst less touched grass or earth, a tunnel in a bush, scat, prints, etc. Put yourself in the mindset of a mouse, skunk, possum, rabbit or raccoon (common suburban and city dwellers) and then ask yourself where and how you would travel to access food and shelter.

Bonus – find a tree or bush outside your window to place your nest. Add some seeds or nuts and see if anyone comes to visit.

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