Daily Dose: Snapshot

Here’s today’s dose of nature connection ideas!

 Flash connection: Take a Picture

Walk towards anything in your yard or out a window and stop when you get close. Close your eyes and do a 3,2,1 countdown and then open your eyes for just 1 second, then close them again. Continue to see the image in your mind after your eyes are closed. How much detail and color can you still see from your picture. Do this for as many pictures as you like.

Adventure: Make a Paint Brush

Just about anything can be used as a paintbrush for example, a carved twig, a dandelion flower, a feather. Explore your area to find natural paintbrushes. If you find some hair or a leaf, you can attach it to a stick with some string. You can use paint and paper to experiment or simply get a bowl of water and paint on the sidewalk. Bay trees and Willow trees make excellent brushes if you peel back the outer bark and chew on the inner stick. It separates and softens harder wood. Make sure you KNOW and identify the tree correctly to be sure you aren’t putting anything poisonous in your mouth.

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