Daily Dose: Tune In

Here’s today’s dose of nature connection ideas!

Flash connection: Trigger and release

Find somewhere you can hear sounds of nature. This can be inside but open a window or sit in your yard. Listen for a minute while being still. Now strongly tense one part of your body. When you hear a sound from nature, completely release that part of your body. Choose another part of your body and do the same. Try to do this for at least 10 parts of your body. On your final release, tense your entire body and then release with a sound of your own.

Adventure: Find the Mystery

It seems the more we connect with nature, the more mystery questions we have. On this adventure, bring paper and pen. Walk slowly around your neighborhood and heighten your curiosity so that when you see, hear or feel someone, a question follows. Why are the bees on those flowers rather than these? Where does that bird sleep at night? Who made that animal track? When will that constellation leave the night sky? Questions can be anything and rarely is it about finding the answer. How many questions can you be curious about?

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