Daily Dose: Watch and Learn (Mire y aprenda)

Here’s today’s dose of nature connection ideas!

Going outside continues to be mentioned as a coping practice in almost every article we’ve read for rules of social distancing during COVID-19, so we want to help you continue to have outdoor experiences. We will be hosting a webinar with some ideas to help maintain physical and mental health in nature. We invite you to join and participate in this upcoming webinar with Sharon Tollefson and Mario Mendez! Hosted by NPRN.

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Spend some time this afternoon or in the evening to examine the sky for five minutes. What direction are the clouds moving in? Can you find the moon? Can you find the North Star in the evening? Bonus points if you find a place to lay down while gazing.

Dedique un poco de tiempo esta tarde o noche mirando el cielo por 5 minutos. Qué dirección se mueven las nubes? Puede encontrar la luna? Puede encontrar la estrella del norte? Que tal si se acuesta cuando hace este ejercicio? 


Materials needed:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Clipboard or hard book

With a partner: Partner A has something from nature in their hands that Partner B cannot see. Partner A tells Partner B how to draw it (example: start in the middle of the paper, Draw a straight line a few inches. Put a circle at the bottom, etc). Partner B holds paper so Partner A cannot see it and begins to draw using the instructions Partner A gives them. At the end, compare the item to drawing and then laugh!

With no partner: Go outside and find something to draw. You can challenge yourself by drawing it without ever looking at your paper.


  • Papel y lápiz
  • Portapapeles o superficie plana y dura

Pareja A tiene un objeto en  la mano y pareja B no la puede ver. Pareja A tiene que describir detalladamente el objeto (por ejemplo: Comience en el medio de la página, haga una raya a los lados , ponga un círculo abajo, etc) Después cambian de lugar , donde la pareja B describe el objeto y la pareja la dibuja. Al final comparan los dibujos con el objeto y se ríen!

Sin pareja: Salga y busque un objeto de la naturaleza. Para hacerlo más difícil, trate de dibujarlo sin mirar el papel.

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