Daily Dose of Nature

We began Daily Dose on March 16 2020 during the COVID lockdown as a way to inspire connection during the days when connection felt hard to come by. Since then and through many days of uncertainty and unrest, we have tried to inspire, relate, give and receive with the life that surrounds us. From 20 years of Wilderness Youth Project, one truth tends to rise above the rest on a consistent basis:

The more people connect with nature, the more empathetic and compassionate we become. 

When we see ourselves a part of nature and not separate from it, we can see ourselves in everyone and the whole of the planet. This simple truth inevitably leads to humanity.

Many of the past daily suggestions can be used over and over. It is near impossible to overdose on nature so feel free to dip back into our newsletters when you need some nature but aren’t sure how to get out. Thank you for all the stories and pictures you shared with us!

For the weekend and every day after that:

Step outside.


Give gratitude.

Open your senses.

Listen to your body.

Acknowledge life.

Say hello to passersby.

Stay curious.

Take action when action is needed.

When in doubt, resort to kindness.

Other resources:

If you’re still hungry for nature connection ideas, we plan to continue updating our resource portal with more crafts, games, stories, recipes and more. If you have ideas for ways to continue filling that portal with helpful resources, let us know!