Our Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

All children need nature.  Not just the ones whose families have privilege and easy access to nature. Not only those of a certain race or economic class or culture or gender or sexual identity or language or set of abilities. Every child and every family. We acknowledge that the nature connection movement has perpetuated a system of segregation and unequal access to the outdoors that prevents Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color from attaining the same levels of access to the benefits of time in nature. We work to undo that segregation and unequal access and to create inclusive programs.

Racism and anti-Blackness underpin all aspects of society. This is why the nature connection movement must be intersectional.  Wilderness Youth Project continues to identify and dismantle our own complicity in the systems that perpetuate oppression and exclusion.

We honor the Chumash; the native communities that came before us to this land, who live here today and will be here for many generations to come. This beautiful place we call home grows out of their long held and ongoing connection to this pairing of land and sea. 

Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) aims to promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We do this through building affirmative action practices, cultural competence, diverse multilingual staff and outreach, bilingual (English/ Spanish) communications and scholarships based on financial need. As mentors we work towards truth, justice and peace.

We are committed to learning and growing our ability to live these principles. We are accountable to our board, staff, volunteers, participants, their guardians, the land and the community where we live. And- whoever you are-  we invite you to share your stories and questions with us, or to learn more about how we take action: