Saving for a Rainy Day

Saving for a Rainy Day

Do you have any favorite rainy day memories with your kids? Or does your kid have a favorite memory from a rainy WYP day (where you got to stay dry while WYP staff took care of the wet part)?

"I send my kid out in his favorite dragon rain jacket (which we got third-hand from another Woolly Bears family) and green rain boots off to Tucker's Grove. He always comes home a mix of mostly dry underneath a layer of mud. I have washed some of the muddiest clothes and shoes only to send them back for the next layer of fun a few days later - especially this year!

Every time it rains, I know that I am extra thankful for the rain boots and rain clothes that kept my kid warm and dry so that he can play."
- Outdoor early childhood program parent

Bridge to Nature - Preschool Partners

Similar to Wilderness Youth Project's Outdoor Early Childhood programs, Woolly Bears and Chickadees, WYP's Bridge to Nature program partners with low-income preschools, Storyteller Children's Center and Carpinteria Children's Project. At these schools, WYP programs are offered free of charge to students, thanks to our generous donor community. Once a week kids from these schools get to go out into nearby nature with our team of mentors led by Ulises.

Rainy Day Gear

Here's where you come in!

Ulises brought to our attention that this year these kiddos have not consistently had proper rain gear out on their adventures. ​

Wilderness Youth Project would like to purchase 12 sets of rain gear including waterproof boots, pants, and jackets so that Ulises can bring them to rainy day programs at both schools!

It will cost about $50 per set and we are hoping to raise $624.21 by the end of March to cover these costs. Since we will be sharing these between the two schools, your gift today will support double the kids!

Can you help us provide new rainy day gear for these students?

Storyteller Children's Center students at Rocky Nook Park with Uli in 2020.
Storyteller Children's Center students at Rocky Nook Park with Uli in 2020.

How to give?

You can support us in many ways...

  • CREDIT CARD: Give online today (add "Rainy Day" in the In Memory/ Honor of section)
  • CHECK: Mail a check made payable to Wilderness Youth Project at 2040 Alameda Padre Serra, Suite 224, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 (write Rainy Day on the memo line of your check)
  • INVITE OTHERS: Share this blog with your loved ones and encourage others to give
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 There is nothing quite like a rainy day with Wilderness Youth Project
and with your help,
these kids can enjoy the mud puddles, rain, or shine!

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