Tony Mendesh

Tony Mendesh Memorial Fund

Donating to the WYP Scholarship Fund in honor of Tony Mendesh

This page is in remembrance of a man who left this

beautiful earth too early.

Tony embodied the spirit of nature. He lived to experience

life fully with refinement and simplicity.

He was a man of principle and purpose.

Filtering out the unnecessary while embracing what truly

mattered to him.

His family and friends came first, unselfishly giving

to others with a smile and a laugh.

His other love was that of nature. Being outdoors and

experiencing it fully in its complexity and beauty brought him

great joy and personal

fulfillment. He loved biking, hiking, back packing, skiing

or simply a picnic with his daughter Lucy and wife Kelly.

This fund dedicated to Tony serves to share his spirit and

love of nature so that will spread and grow out to others so they

too can connect

with all the elements of nature in hopes that it brings joy

and true appreciation of our amazing earth.

Donate to the scholarship fund in Tony's honor

We are thankful for Tony's legacy and for the whole Mendesh family. To donate in his honor, click the Donate Now button and enter Tony Mendesh in the "In memory/honor of" field.

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