WYP DIY: Tree Scavenger Hunt

WYP DIY: Tree Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to wander!

Trees are all around. They provide us with shade, food, beauty and fresh air. I am especially grateful for the trees that grow fruit that I can pick and eat. I am also grateful for my neighbors who share the fruit from their trees. Let’s see what kind of trees you have in your neighborhood, maybe some might have fruit that your neighbors will share. Always ask before you pick.

Start by choosing your boundaries. Two blocks in each direction of your house? Four blocks? One lap around the block? Put on comfortable clothes and prepare yourself for a 30 minute wander to look at the trees.



  • Phone or camera for photos
  • Pencil and journal for drawing, notes and answering the questions

What to Find

 A tree with fruit

What tree can you find that has fruit growing on it? Do you know the fruit? Is it edible? Have you eaten it before? Draw or photograph the tree and a close up of the fruit.

A tree with flowers

What tree can you find that has flowers growing on it? Do they have a smell? Is it a nice smell or stinky? Is it edible? Draw or photograph the tree and the flowers.



A tree that’s bare

Can you see any trees that don’t have leaves? Or maybe they have tiny new leaves barely growing. Is there only one bare tree or many on your block? Can you remember what this tree looked like when it did have leaves? Draw or photograph the tree of bare branches.



The tallest tree 

Which tree is the tallest? Is it taller than a house? Taller than two houses?! Do you know what kind of tree it is? Is it on the street or in somebody’s yard? Draw or photograph the tree maybe with a house near it so we can tell how tall. Guess how many feet tall it is.



The smallest tree

Which tree is the smallest? Is it smaller than a refrigerator? Smaller than you? Draw or photograph the tree maybe with you or a car next to it so we can see how small. Guess how many feet or inches it is.


Other Observations

When you were looking around at all the trees, did you notice any birds in any of the trees? What were they doing? Making a nest? Eating? Hiding from other creatures? Making your presence known by alarming with loud calls? Singing? Make up a story about the birds in one of the trees from your list.

If you can’t tell what kind of trees you found or want to share the story of one of your trees, email Qvnan@jlc.bet and maybe we can figure it out together.