Daily Dose: Prey Escape

Here's today's dose of nature connection ideas!

Flash connection: Prey Escape
Move your body fast, as if you were prey, attempting to escape a predator. For 5 minutes run, and slither, hop, move side to side but however you move, do it fast. Allow your body to engage with itself as you feel the strength, balance and drive within you. Your heart rate should rise and your breath quicken. After 5 minutes, stop and be still and allow that blast of endorphins to travel your body.

Adventure: Scat Count
Have a wander and see how many different kinds of animal and bird scat you can find. Scat is a fantastic sign there is animal activity and an incredible way to know where an owl is roosting or if a raccoon has been in a tree. You can look for bird splatters, worm castings and mammal droppings. They all count and all continue to tell the story of the landscape.