The Gift of Time in Nature

The Gift of Time in Nature

The foggy marine layer is rolling in and out most days while the Tipu and Gold Medallion trees counter the gloom with bright yellow flowers. The local streets and parks are lined with nature’s confetti, soft purple Jacarandas flowers. Out your own window, on your own walks, what tells you that summer is coming in Santa Barbara?

This springtime at WYP has mirrored the natural world- in the field, bird calls and songs keep our groups together outdoors as we search for tasty edible plants like sour grass and miner’s lettuce. At headquarters, the phone trills and emails flow in as we build 10 weeks of summer camp with 672 spots.  

All the sights, smells, sounds, and even phone inquiries of spring tell us that summer is quickly approaching. We need your help. We are giving out $106,000 in scholarships for summer camp 2022! Will you donate today to get local kids from Santa Barbara out into nature this summer?  

Just like last summer... here’s how you can get involved:

It costs about $350 to give a kid from a low-income family a camp scholarship that ensures local children can experience Wilderness Youth Project without the burden of financial cost. We need to provide 302 scholarships this summer to families based on financial need. You can give a local child the healing and life-changing experience of time in nature this summer with your gift of any amount.

You’ll provide scholarships to local children, like ten-year-old Jessica, whose mom told us:

“My daughter loved the free Bridge to Nature after-school community program this year at El Centro. When I found out that Wilderness Youth Project could offer Jessica a scholarship to continue over the summer, I started crying out of gratitude. WYP has given her more than I ever could as a parent. Every month she comes home after WYP brimming with joy for the way she gets to be herself when she's out there. I could never have enough words to thank you and the donor who made this possible.”

You are the donor that makes this possible. You are the reason kids will be out in nature exploring, playing, learning, and growing with Wilderness Youth Project this summer. 

Today you can give local children the gift of the cold flow of the Santa Ynez river on their toes, the taste of salty ocean waves at Tajiguas Beach, and the strength and confidence that comes from rock hopping in the dry creek beds at Skofield Park. 

These truly invaluable experiences are not possible without your support.

You can support us in many ways...

  • CREDIT CARDGive online today
  • CHECK: Mail a check to Wilderness Youth Project at 5385 Hollister Avenue, Suite D, Santa Barbara, CA 93111
  • INVITE OTHERS: Share this blog with your loved ones and encourage others to give
  • BE SOCIAL: Like us on Instagram & Facebook and share our message with your circle
  • TRANSFER STOCKSGift stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
Annual Appeal 2022

We can’t do it without you!

Your support allows us to continue to give out scholarships and fund community programs. We have faith that you and our community will come forward to make sure we can keep building wellness, curiosity, and connection.